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How Can I Help YOU Pursue YOUR Vision?


April D. Faulkner CPA PMP

Results proven finance professional who leads companies through change and challenge to profitable growth. Customer focused, solution provider and operations partner who integrates businesses, systems, teams, and processes.

Why April Is The Right Choice For Your Business Needs

Broad experience working with healthcare  SAAS companies, auto collision repair, retail, restaurant, education, government agencies and public accounting ensures your business has the expertise you need. Experience with numerous systems including NetSuite, Intaact, Xero, QuickBooks and more.

Audit Support

  • Do you need independent audit internal support?

  • Do you wonder why, what & when you should consider for a future audit?

Financial Reviews

  • Do you need help reviewing your financial data?

  • Do you have internal support, but wish someone would help verify the numbers?

Systems  & Process 

  • Are your finance functions as efficient as possible?

  •  Are your control policies & procedures documented?

System Implementation

  • Do you lack time to investigate system improvements?

  • Do you need support to complete new implementations?


  • Are your board, lender and investor reporting processes streamlined?

  • Are budgeting, forecasting and reporting weighing you down?

Financial Presentations

  • Do your revenues & receipts reflect your sales? 

  •  Do you wish someone would help explain the numbers?



​​Individual, LLC, partnerships, sole proprietorships, rental properties, investments, retirements, and more. 

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About April D. Faulkner

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  • Helping companies solve financial challenges.

  • Providing value adds.

  • Local Austinite for more than 25 years.




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Who is April D Faulkner?

April is an actively licensed TX CPA and PMP (Project Management Professional) with a BBA in Accounting from Texas A&M, College Station. She is a local Austinite for more than 25 years. April D. Faulkner currently offers financial consulting services to help businesses grow


She is a results proven finance professional who leads companies through change and challenges to profitable growth as a customer focused, solution provider and operations partner who integrates systems, teams, and processes.


Prior to launching her current consulting business, April served as Sr. Controller at ESO Solutions, a SAAS company to the healthcare and fire industry. The company revenues increased more than 3 times over a 2.5 year period through acquisitions and organic growth. April helped scale the financial side of the business for growth through optimizations that allowed scaled growth without a directly corresponding increase in Finance team full time employees. From reviewing the forecasts and budgets for expansion, April pitched a concurrent project and optimization solution. By outsourcing and managing project implementation support through various consulting firms including Cox Consulting Network, 9Gauge Partners, Bridgepoint Consulting and VCFO, the support teams provided specific talents for limited times required to fulfill the particular tasks to implement and optimize systems - including NetSuite, SalesForce, Zuora, Expensify, Avalara. Meanwhile, April also implemented a banking structure for eCommerce and surplus cash management, accounted for acquisitions, new office space, a new debt facility, and worked to transition accounts to a new bank.


April has now expanded to offer services to other companies with a mission to help companies grow to pursue their vision with a caring heart. Her experiences continue to expand. Recent project work involved management and Controller/CFO services for various industries including retail/online sales, asset management, insurance and manufacturing.


If your business has a backlog of projects that never seem to get addressed, April can help


If you know small businesses struggling to define or pursue their vision, April can help


Away from the office, April enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children. She spent several years homeschooling her 3 children, and is currently thrilled to support their career choices across the USA.

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